Interesting Journey to Wayanad

Wayanad an upcoming tourist destination is a rural district in Kerala which is blessed with natural beauty. Wayanad is a very populated country which most of the people among them has a tribal culture. At present this district has developed so much in every means which turns out to be a wonderful destination for tourist. Wayanad has different places to be visited, out of which the most famous places include Edakkel caves, a lot of beautiful waterfalls, Banasura dam, Lakes, National parks, sightseeing and the list goes on. Banasura dam is the largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia. This dam has a breathtaking sight view which makes you amazed by its beauty. Boat riding is an interesting activity which you should never miss if you have been there. This place is surrounded with beautiful garden another attracting factor which makes it an amazing place to visit. Waterfalls are other main attractions in Wayanad especially Meenmutty Waterfalls which will make you mesmerized when you reach on top of the waterfalls, the journey to top is an adventurous trekking for people who is looking forward for a challenging factor. All these make Wayanad a beautiful destination and we can find out a lot of tour packages to Wayanad.