Backwaters the Inland Water Body With Uniqueness in Plenty

With interconnecting networks of canals and lagoons, the backwater destinations of Kerala are the most unique and demanding travel spots to the south when it comes to travel and tourism. Filled with the beauty and the complexity of nature, these fascinating destinations are rich in vegetation and greenery making it a must visit spot for the nature lovers and the traveller who is in search of a peaceful destination to rejuvenate with nature. The lush green nature, the paddy fields, the beauty of the backwater villages, the houseboat trips that the travellers are offered with, the beauty of the moonlit waters all attracts the attention of the tourists and entertains them to a greater extent. In addition, a number of best backwater packages are also being organised at a cheap price to the well known inland water destinations of Kerala like Alleppey, Kumarakom and more. Not just nature and the greenery there are a number of other things that add to the beauty of the backwaters of Kerala. The inland waters are home to a number of unique life forms and the place also supports the growth of a number of herbs and shrubs with medicinal properties favouring Ayurvedic travel and tourism in the land. Visit: