Why I dropped Scala in favor of Java?

I recently started a project in Scala. It has about 10 Servlets and a few supporting objects written in Scala. Today decided to re-write them in Java. The main reasons:


IDE Support

I use Netbeans. I love it. But Scala support is pathetic in Netbeans. I tried IntelliJ IDEA OpenSource. Mysteriously, it failed to recognize my core Java classes. And no post about this issue in the web (is any body using Idea?) except this:


Of course, it did not work for me.


I had configured my project for Maven build as mentioned here: http://fileit.in/p/3

Build was always compiling all the Scala files every time. Why can't the Scala plugin compile only the changed files? And Scala compilation took more time than Java.

RE Pattern Matching

Scala is a beautiful language. I love its succinct syntax. But I was horrified when I saw that its well documented RE Pattern matching syntax has been removed (not just deprecated) for the latest versions. I am sure the Scala guys had valid reasons to do so. But one feature which has been so popularly documented in Scala books, gone, that too without much noise (Google took me to this page: http://www.scala-lang.org/node/122 The documentation says in small heading font by the end feature is temporarily retracted from the Scala language).


Goodbye Scala (for now)! I will see you later when you and your tool support has matured.

Posted on February 26, 2010 07:10 AM by Subhash Chandran
java scala